Researcher / Lawyer in Human Rights

Junior Expert in Sustainable Development

Catholic University of Central Africa

Masters in Human Rights and Humanitarian action, Sustainable Development Option

ZANGUE KENFACK Steve Wilson during his internship to obtain his Master’s degree in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action, he took interest in the problem of community forests as an issue of sustainable development in village communities in Cameroon. It is in the context of participatory management of forests established in the forestry sector in Cameroon. This management system registered a real political will to integrate village communities in forest management and to make this participation, an issue of sustainable development.

Therefore, the objective of his study was to determine the different constraints to the effectiveness of this management system. He concluded that this system is certainly favourable for the achievement of sustainable development goals, but also limited through its failure, its ambiguity and low ability to be able to secure the full and effective inclusion of communities in the system. The nature of the state, as well as the socio-politico- economic characteristic of communities are not left behind. This implementation suffers from character deficiency (administrative deficiency), neo-patrimony (corruption) and weak(weak control institutions) states such as Cameroon, where the institutional background does not give room for effective policies and strategies which ought to have been established. This is also the case of communities that are poorly equipped intellectually, technically and financially, but also and above all characterized by weak social viability.