TCHAKOUNTEU Mitrance Sorelle

Professional Master in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

University of Dschang

Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (FASA)

Regional Centre for Specialised Training in Agriculture, Forest / Wood (CRESA) Yaounde

Professional Master in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

TCHAKOUNTEU Mitrance Sorelle during her internship at CARFAD, conducted a study on the Impact of the Environment on the Bamendjing Reservoir Dam. As of now; the reservoir dam presents a more and more degrading biophysical environment. Thus, the main objective of the study was to assess the impacts of the environment on the dam. The method used in data collection consisted of field observations, surveys and interviews. Statistical analyzes of the impact of climate elements (rain, temperature, evaporation) on the reservoir was made ​​and the processing of satellite images was made by the use of GIS software.

Environmental impacts were identified and evaluated by means of a checklist, Fecteau’s Interrelation Matrix and Assessment Grid. These impacts include: decrease in the volume of water stored in the reservoir, blockage of valves, the corrosion of certain materials, the risk of rupture, and the risks of dam sabotage. The negative impacts arising from the milieu are related to population growth and climate variations. The study concludes that agricultural activities and deforestation are the major factors negatively affecting the productivity of the reservoir. They are followed by livestock breeding, waste management, fishing and hunting, respectively. Therefore, to improve the management and productivity of the dam, the study proposes an integrated approach, aimed specifically at managing the vegetation cover, the participation of residents of the lake and soil management. Recommendations are also made ​​to improve the environmental management of the Bamendjing dam.