University or Dschang

Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (FASA)

Regional Centre for Specialised Training in Agriculture, Forest /Wood(CRESA),Yaounde

Professional Master in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

DONGMO TSAFACK Stéphanie during her internship at CARFAD to obtain a Master’s Degree in Environmental Impact Assessment conducted a study on the socio-economic and environmental impacts of the management of compensations for the Chad-Cameroon pipeline project in the municipality of Ngoumou. The study highlighted the need to support people in managing compensation received as part of development projects. Indeed, the realization of these projects like the Chad – Cameroon pipeline project requires land, generally levied on private property. In this case, the affected populations are deprived of their homes, their crops, their land or their livelihoods.

To remedy this damage, these people benefit from compensation. The study was based on a methodology that uses the PRA, the Leopold’s matrice, the Martin Fecteau’ grid and level-headed multi-criteria analysis. It turns out that people affected by the Chad-Cameroon pipeline project in the Ngoumou locality received compensation, but curiously enough, the beneficiaries have not always put it into ​​good use. If on the one hand, some have used the money collected to build houses, pay school fees, create new farms, etc, others, on the other hand, have used it to lead a life of debauchery and drinking. Households were divided because of these compensations. If the management of money received by the people affected by the project remains unworthy, it’s because compensation in kind is not a priority; support and monitoring in the management were not insured. Field results reveal that beneficiaries feel that apart from the management question, compensations are unfair and inadequate because they do not correspond to what they have lost. It is therefore difficult for them to find a standard of living equal to that before the project, let alone an improvement.