Implementation of the VPA-FLEGT

The VPA-FLEGT is an agreement that includes a set of measures and actions to ensure the awareness and application of forestry regulations, the fight against illegal logging and timber trade.

The agreement proceeded from a series of negotiations between the European Union and the timber producing countries to the EU following such as Cameroon, Congo, the Central African Republic, Gabon and DRC in the Congo Basin.

By signing VPA-FLEGT with the European Union in 2010, Cameroon on its part is totally engaged in a process that promotes national sustainability of forest production, the increase of state and local communities’ income, capacity building concerning the implementation of forest regulations, improving governance, and the involvement of all stakeholders. The commitment of Cameroon through MINFOF is even more significant in light of the resolution to implement VPA-FLEGT to all wooden circulation in the country and those of the European Union.

Therefore, in order to accelerate the implementation of the VPA-FLEGT, the EU provides numerous grants to different stakeholders of the agreement in Cameroon. This is the case of the project “Support of the Kadey Federation of Community Forests in the process of obtaining legality certificates and timber trade” executed by CARFAD and its partners (RFC and CODASC Batouri).

Issued within the context of the participatory management of natural resources, the project aims at bringing forest communities to obtain their certificates of legality and legal timber trade.

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