Fight against climate change

Climate change is the most recent program in which CARFAD is involved. Here, we sensitize the general public that Africa is affected by climate change.

CARFAD’s staff participated in training sessions on the Al Gore Climate Change Project in Nashville United States of America which was aimed at educating American citizens on climate change. Back to Cameroon, the staffs act as the ambassador of global climate project or messenger of climate in Africa.

In the first place, we sensitize the public on the effects of climate change. The main targets of the messages are students and Parliamentarians. At a more practical level, we are helping to develop carbon sinks through reforestation and agro forestry. Examples are the technical assistance project for the development of 3,500 hectares of plantations and the development of agricultural commodity chains in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This project is funded by the African Development Bank through the Congo Basin Forests’ Funds.


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