The African Centre for Applied Forestry Research and Development (CARFAD) has once again renewed its ambition to take part in the 5th edition of the International Exhibition for Enterprises, SME and Partnership abbreviated “PROMOTE” held from December 6 to 14, 2014 at the Yaoundé Conference Centre. Read more

In this edition, CARFAD was positioned on stand No. 62 located in zone 1 of the exhibition site, fare from the partner institutions (MINFOF, European Union, etc.) and other institutions working in the field of environment and forest. This did not prevent the organization through its stand to present a glowing showcase of its services, to promote the reception and rapid information of its visitors. Averagely, 24 people per day visited the stand of CARFAD. The 214 registered visitors came from various horizons. The stand configuration had an attraction not only for the actors of forest or environment sector (NGOs, consultants, researchers, students, state institutions, etc.), but also for those interested in a collaboration or for novices in the sector.

Several booklets were made available to the visitors in the stand to provide information on CARFAD’s activities. The visitors had a particular attention to key messages carried by various major projects in progress represented by large rolling posters (roll-up), including “Fight against Poaching”, “Fight against Climate Change”, “Implementation of VPA-FLEGT. “ It was also for the animation team to present in clear and simple terms CARFAD, its areas of intervention, its intervention strategy, its location and invite visitors to read the various reports available in the stand. It was also to present and invite the visitors to taste the tea-Mansouen (Lipiamultiflora), product of ICG PAPEMs which received CARFAD’s accompaniment for harvesting and packaging. Furthermore, in the evening, visitors enjoyed a photo slideshow projection cleverly chosen for the occasion on the activities of CARFAD.

Communication actions also consisted of animation sessions with the master of ceremonies, interventions in Radio Environment, CRTV and Canal 2. The animation sessions that were conducted by the CAMRAIL project team on the stand attracted more visitors and many were curious. The animation was particularly carried out to raise the public awareness in the fight against poaching, while mentioning some aspects of VPA-FLEGT project and Agro forestry project in the DRC. A quiz organisation gave the opportunity for the participants to win gadgets made for this purpose (T-shirts, calendars, caps, notebooks).

The CARFAD’s team did not only wait for visitors on site, it organized itself to visit the stands of exhibitors likely to work with and find out about their services. While presenting its activities and offer its services environmental audit. The CARFAD’s team also approached in the various arteries of the exhibition, visitors who had not visited or stand to present them the organization and give them leaflets and calendars.

Besides animation and visit of the stands, CARFAD subscribed and participated in thematic workshops. Each thematic workshop is a time of networking for executives and business managers of growth-sector in Central Africa. The choice of CARFAD was on 03 themes namely: Agriculture and Agro Industry, Forest and Wood, the extractive industry and processing industry.

Thus, after the exhibition, we can retain the following positive points:

+ Satisfaction of the visitors (over 200 contacts collected)

+ More than 40 proposals for partnerships

+ Detection of 02 projects to be implemented (Project for the creation of a documentation center for CARFAD and Agroforestry project in the Bamboutos area)

+ Distribution of 400 wall calendars, 400 table calendars, 168 French booklets, 80 English booklets, 333 brochures of the VPA-FLEGT implementation project, 841 brochures of CARFAD presentation

+ Sale of 35 sachets of Tea –Masouen


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