Support to governance project to the community forestry to combat poverty in the Batouri Diocese

Funding: European Commission (EC) as part of the ACP / FLEGT of the FAO Program, 2011-2012

This project is a fruit of the long experience of the African Centre for Applied Forestry Research and Development (CARFAD) in community forestry. Indeed, its implication in several initiatives at village Community level made it possible to note many failures related to the poor governance in the Community forests like: the non-respect of the regulating laws and texts, ignorance of communities on the procedures to obtain certain documents for exploitation, poor management of income from the forests, recurrent conflicts a times leading to lives lost etc.

The aim here is to fight against the exploitation and illegal commercialization of wood as well as poverty in the Batouri Diocese, by making the forestry communities to produce and commercialise legal wood to fight against poverty.

The project was realised thanks to the numerous technical and financial contributions from the FAO and the European Union through the support programme in line with the application of forestry laws, governance and commercial exchange for African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (support programme ACP-FLEGT).

In addition to the CARFAD, which is the main organ in charge for the project, the following partners were concerned: the Community Forestry Network (RFC), the Comité Diocésain d’Actions Socio-Caritatives (CODASC) of the Batouri Diocese and Catholic Relief Services (CRS-Cameroon).

Results obtained:

  • The communities are better equipped on the APV-FLEGT process through the distribution of 2000 flyers, the pasting of 400 posters, the projection of four documentaries on the FLEGT and the holding of 27 sensitisation meetings with one held in Batouri and the 26 others, in the villages;
  • A syndicate of Community forests was put in place, known as “Association of the Community Forests of Kadeï” known under the acronym ASFOCKA, at the end of a general assembly during which the persons in charge for management of the federation were assigned, texts of operation written and validated by the participants. The receipt of declaration of the federation was signed by the Senior Divisional Officer of Kadeï. The head office of ASFOCKA is located in Batouri. It is equipped with a laptop, a printer, tables and chairs among others. The website of the syndicate has been created and can be consulted through;
  • The capacities of 52 managers of the Community forests were reinforced on: i) mastery of the legislative and lawful texts which govern the Community forests, ii) administrative writing especially procedures of obtaining and renewing annual exploitation certificates (CAE), iii) the techniques of installation of the Community forests; iv) conflict management; v) management of funds gotten from community forest exploitations; vi) techniques of negotiation of partnership contracts and vii) the conception/realization of community development projects;
  • Two legislative tests were carried out in the Community forests in exploitation through the talks and the consultation of documents; that made it possible to have a more precise idea on the operation of the Community forests and the constraints relating to the placement of the grid of legality.These tests made it possible to detect among the many inspectors, the assets, the significant projections and the difficulties related to the application of the grid of legality.


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