Support of the Kadey Federation of Community Forests in the process of obtaining legality certificates and timber trade

Funding: European Commission (EC) under the thematic program for environment and sustainable management of natural resources, including energy (ENRTP), 2014-2016

This project is implemented by CARFAD and its partners including the Network of Community Forestry (NCF) and the Diocesan Committee for Socio-Charitable Actions (CODASC – Batouri) that have received funding from the European Union under the thematic program for environment and sustainable management of natural resources, including energy (ENRTP).

The objective of the project is to enable forest communities to get their certificates of legality and to market legal timber at fair prices for their development.

The following are the main expected outcomes of the project:

  • The functioning of the existing federation is strengthened;
  • Governance of forest communities, forest exploiters and state actors is strengthened and major constraints related to respect for legality grid are lifted;
  • Production capacity and wood processing are boosted;
  • FLEGT legality licenses are allocated, the compliance verification system is mastered by the stakeholders in the process;
  • Timber trade is better structured;
  • Lessons learned from the project are shared and visibility of actions insured.

Started in January 2014, the project has a duration of 36 months. Thus in the course of the year 2014, the project has been working on the following activities: (i) project start-up activities; (ii) sensitization of stakeholders at local level: it is consecutive to start-up activities that had led to the stakeholders information, interviews and project launch meetings in Yaounde and Batouri); (iii) strengthening the functioning of the existing federation; (iv) the first session of the steering committee; (V) strengthening community capacity on issues concerning conflicts and revenue management ; (vi) strengthening the capacity of communities, economic partners and state actors on matters concerning texts applicable to community forests; (Vii) visits to exploitation sites; (Viii) preparation of the TOR, obtaining validation letters, information and planning of public consultation meeting of environmental impact assessment in APACP of Nadegbe, Pandi and Mama, ZELABO of Akom, SANGWA OMET of Dimako 1, HE Nken MBOMBOU of Dongali, AZAK of Kagnol and AMWEDON of Nzeng community forestry associations.

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