CARFAD in its mission to disseminate knowledge and education, supports institutions, be they academic, state or civil society, by offering courses and training on environmental education.

Case of the training of the Ministry of public works (MINTP)staff, consulting firms and SMEs on issues concerning the environment in road maintenance projects

This training was organized by the 9th European Development Fund / C2D program and conducted by the Executive Director of CARFAD, Mr. Benjamin Tchoffo.

Two training modules were delivered during the training, namely:

  • Environment in road maintenance: basic concepts in environment, definition of concepts, the place of the environment in road maintenance contracts, implementation of Environmental Management Plan (EMP) in road construction as a whole, environmental control measures and environmental monitoring in the road sector.
  • Processes of Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit:
    SMEs are responsible for the implementation of environmental measures, while Consulting firms are in charge of monitoring environmental measures.
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