Public awareness on environmental issues for development projects

CARFAD in its mission is to promote education and environmental awareness to enhance behaviour and actions. We provide expertise in the development and implementation of training programs in environmental education and public awareness on environmental stakes of development projects.

We simplify the language used in reports of impact studies on the environment and we are making it available to local populations who are victims in many cases of development projects.

Our references

  • Sensitization of local populations to the transport facilitation program and transit on the Bamenda-Mamfe-Abakaliki-Enugu-Ekok component of Cameroon (development of road sections Bamenda-Batibo-Numba and BachuoAkagbe-Mamfe-Ekok), on the fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria, early marriages and pregnancies, environmental protection, respect of the highway code, and the training of women’s groups in the management of processing equipment for agricultural products. Funding of the Cameroonian Government through the Ministry of Public Works (MINTP), 2015
  • Sensitization of local communities on health issues (STI / HIV – AIDS, malaria, excision), environmental protection and road safety on the framework of the Sekokoto-Falémé road project on the Bamako-Dakar corridor by Southern Mali. Malian government and AfDB funding, 2010-2012
  • Sensitization of the neighbouring populations of the Numba-Bachuo-Akagbe Road Project on the fight against STI/HIV-AIDS and malaria, environmental protection, respect of the highway code, early marriages and pregnancies, and the training of women’s associations in the management of equipment used in agricultural products processing and Climate Change. AfDB funding, 2010-2012
  • Sensitization and training of actors on community management of forest and wildlife resources. Funded by the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) of Cameroon, Mbalmayo 2012
  • Sensitization of the people of Cameroon estuaries on the sustainable exploitation of mangroves, the use of improved stoves, the REDD + on mangroves and training of target groups on simple techniques of regeneration of mangroves. Funded by the Ministry of Environmental, Nature Protection, and Sustainable Development (MINEPDED)of Cameroon, 2012
  • Sensitization campaign in the communities represented by legal entities of COBAKA and CODEVIR beneficiaries of support in the elaboration of simple management plan for their community forests. RIGC Project / HIPC Funds , 2008
  • Sensitization of local communities along the Melong-Dschang road in the fight against STI / AIDS, environmental protection and respect of Highway Code. AfDB / MINTP fund, 2004 – 2007
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