Advocacy and lobbying

CARFAD through platforms and networks is engaged in advocacy and lobbying ventures in favour of communities in the forest and environment sector.

Case of activities within the CCSPM (consultation Circle of Civil Society Partner of MINFOF and MINEPDED)

The CCSPM is the network of associations, NGOs and other networks working in the Forest / Environment sector. The objective of the network is to promote governance in the Forest and Environment Sector.

Within this network, CARFAD in 2012 participated in the monitoring of lobbying on the meteorology situation in Cameroon. With the advent of climate change, we cannot today talk about adaptation without meteorological monitoring. The problem that arises is that out of the 53 weather stations that Cameroon has; only 3 are functional. It is therefore important to take urgent steps to revive the weather situation in Cameroon. This point of view is also shared by the President of the Republic of Cameroon in a favourable letter response to the CCSPM to enhance lobbying on the weather situation in Cameroon.

Also within this network, CARFAD brought in 2012 a contribution to the revision of the Forest Law.

Case of activities within the Network of Community Forestry (RFC)

CARFAD which ensures the General Secretariat of the RFC is the primary collaborator of this network on policy thinking and implementation of community forestry in Cameroon. Thus, several studies like those related to the appraisal of community forestry acquisition in Cameroon and definition of new directives were conducted. CARFAD and RFC have organized several trainings on community management of forest resources. It is worth highlighting the organization in December 2011, assessment days of community forestry in Cameroon with the participation of different eco-regions of the country, MINFOF, development partners in the sector.

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