Management of Development Projects

We operate in the development and implementation of projects with communities to solve the most pressing problems, mainly with regard to environmental management.

Our references



Support of the Kadey Federation of Community Forests in the process of obtaining legality certificates and sales of timber. Funding : European Commission (EC) under the thematic program for environment and sustainable management of natural resources, including energy (ENRTP)


Technical support for the eradication of train transportation of wildlife illegal products, Phase 2. Joint venture Cameroon Railway Corporation (CAMRAIL) and MINFOF, Funding : World Bank


Support to the development of Community Agroforestry in the Democratic Republic of Congo (the case of the Bas-Congo Province and Bateke Highland/Kinshasa). Funding : Africa Development Bank (AfDB) through the Congo Basin Forester Funds (CBFF)


Support to communities in planting vetiver for biological protection of river banks (Yame and BaniSofara, rural town of Fakala, Mopti Region) in Mali. funding : World Bank


Support of three councils in the execution of competences transferred by the state in matters of realization of Environmental Impact Notice. Funding: Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

2013 Enhancement of forest scraps and reforestationof degradedareas in Central Africa. Funding : CBFF / AfDB
2011-2012 Support to governance project to the community forestry to combat poverty in the Batouri Diocese. Funding: European Commission (EC) as part of the ACP / FLEGT of the FAO Program


Re-enforcement of actors’ capacity on ownership of the joint order 0000076/MINATD/MINFI/MINFOF of June 26, 2012 laying down procedures for planning, use and monitoring of the management of revenues from the exploitation of forest and wildlife resources for municipalities and neighboring village communities. GIZ funding ,Bertoua
2004–2005 Support to the promotion of alternatives to bush meat in the western periphery of the Mengamé Gorilla Sanctuary. Capacity building programme (CBP): DFID/SNV
2007-2008 Capacity building of 12 villages in sustainable management of medicinal plants and monitoring of the sustainable management plan of 05 villages in the Western Region of Cameroun. Funding: National Participatory Development Program (PNDP)


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